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Meet The JPL Store Team

Meet Esmeralda, Our Stellar Store Manager! 🌟

Navigating the JPL shop with the finesse of a seasoned astronaut, Esmeralda is the brilliant force that keeps our universe in order. When she's not charting the course for the latest space-themed merch, she's exploring new cities and natural wonders on Earth, bringing a touch of cosmic curiosity to every adventure.

A DIY enthusiast, Esmeralda embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity that resonates with every corner of our store. Just like she tinkers and crafts in her projects, she expertly assembles a galaxy of products that inspire and amaze.

Her palate for exploration isn't just limited to the cosmos – Esmeralda is a connoisseur of Indian cuisine, finding parallels between the rich flavors and the diverse universe we're a part of.

Speaking of stars, her favorite picks from the shop are the JPL Vintage, Family Rover, and Women in Space Tees. She believes these pieces not only reflect our interstellar aspirations but also honor the trailblazing spirits that have shaped our journey into the unknown.

So, next time you dock at the JPL shop, look out for Esmeralda – a manager not just of a store, but of dreams and galactic possibilities!

Introducing Vero, Our Galactic Lead and Dance Commander! 💃🚀

At the helm of the JPL shop's dynamic team is Vero, our Lead who orbits the world of retail with the energy of a pulsar. When she's not steering us through the cosmic sea of merchandise, she's the life of any girls' night, turning any gathering into an interstellar dance party!

Vero's love for dancing is matched only by her passion for all things seafood and Mexican cuisine. She believes in savoring the zest of life, just like enjoying a tantalizing plate of galactic delights – a perfect reflection of her vibrant personality.

As someone who knows the importance of staying agile and comfortable, whether on the dance floor or during a marathon shopping session, Vero's go-to gear is the JPL Jacket. It's not just a jacket; it's her trusty spacesuit for Earthly adventures. Waterproof and cozy, it keeps her warm and dry, ready to face any unexpected meteor showers or spontaneous dance-offs!

So, if you're ever in the JPL shop and feel a wave of energy and fun, you're probably in Vero's orbit. Stop by and say hello – she might just share her latest dance move or her favorite seafood recipe, all while helping you find the perfect piece of the universe to take home!

Meet Iram, Our Cosmic Backstock Associate and Soccer Star! ⚽🌌

Deep in the heart of our JPL shop's galaxy, you'll find Iram, our Backstock Associate and resident soccer enthusiast. With the precision of a spacecraft navigator, he ensures that every stellar product is in its rightful place, ready for launch to our customers.

When he's not orchestrating the harmony of our inventory, Iram is out on the soccer field, showcasing skills that rival the agility of a rover traversing Martian terrain. His love for the game is only matched by his commitment to spending quality time with his family, creating memories that are as cherished as the discovery of new worlds.

A connoisseur of international cuisine, Iram's palate travels the globe even when he's grounded on Earth. He finds joy in the diverse flavors of our planet, mirroring the varied wonders of the cosmos we explore.

Iram's favorite picks from our store are the NASA Worm Crewneck and the array of NASA T-shirts, celebrating the iconic legacy of space exploration. He's particularly fond of the different color waves these shirts come in, reminding us of the vibrant diversity of the universe.

Next time you're in search of that perfect piece of space apparel, Iram's your guy. With a knack for knowing the ins and outs of our backstock like the back of his hand, he'll ensure you find exactly what you're looking for - whether it's charting a course through the stars or supporting your favorite space agency in style!

Introducing Yasmeen, Our Melodious Cashier and Culinary Explorer! 🎵🍝

At the checkout of our JPL shop, you'll be greeted by Yasmeen, whose smile is as bright as a supernova. As our cashier, she rings up purchases with the rhythm of a song, blending her love for singing with the daily dance of retail.

Yasmeen is not just about harmonies and transactions; she's also a culinary adventurer, whipping up Italian and Thai dishes that would impress even the most discerning food critics from across the galaxy. Her kitchen is her laboratory, where she experiments with flavors and ingredients, creating masterpieces that are out of this world.

Among the stellar selections in our celestial array, the Rocket Science Equations Mug stands out as a favorite. Adorned with the statement 'It Is Rocket Science', set against a backdrop of intricate equations and the iconic NASA logo, it's a testament to the beauty of complexity. Whether cradling a robust espresso or a calming tea, this mug becomes a loyal partner through every shift, a constant reminder of the boundless wonders awaiting discovery in the cosmos.

So, next time you're checking out with your interstellar finds, strike up a conversation with Yasmeen. You might leave with not just great merchandise but also a song recommendation or a secret recipe for the perfect pasta or Pad Thai!

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