JPL Exoplanet ENCELADUS Cold Faithful 5" X 7" Tourism Postcard

SKU: 543217

Stellar Greetings from Enceladus

Send a cosmic hello with the ENCELADUS 'Cold Faithful' 5" X 7" JPL Exoplanet Postcard. This postcard is not just a piece of paper; it's a snapshot of Enceladus, one of the most fascinating moons in our solar system, known for its icy geysers and potential for harboring life.

Visual Voyage to the Outer Solar System

Featuring stunning imagery, this postcard captures the ethereal beauty of Enceladus, inviting recipients to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos. It's perfect for sharing your passion for space exploration with friends and family.

A Memento of Space Wonders

Whether it's for a fellow space enthusiast or as a keepsake for yourself, this postcard is a tangible piece of the universe's wonders, a reminder of the endless possibilities that lie beyond our planet.