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JPL & Cal Tech Logo Metal Luggage Tag

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The JPL Caltech Logo Metal Luggage Tag

Add a touch of space flair to your travels with the JPL Caltech Logo Metal Luggage Tag. Crafted from sturdy metal, this tag is not just a practical travel accessory but also a symbol of your cosmic curiosity.

Find Your Baggage On Far Away Galaxies

Featuring the prominent JPL and Caltech logos on the front, this luggage tag is like a boarding pass to the world of scientific exploration. Attach it to your luggage, and you're carrying a piece of space history with you on your journey.

Tag Along on the Space Adventure

Join fellow nerds, geeks, and science enthusiasts in showcasing your passion for space. This metal JPL Logo Luggage Tag isn't just about identifying your bag; it's about connecting with a community that shares your fascination with the cosmos.